TUC Youth

Tawa Union Church
Youth Group

We are a relaxed friendly group, a bit on the small side, that meet on Sunday evenings fortnightly.

Where: Tawa Union Church
When: 6-7.30pm

Our age group are secondary school Years 7-13, we have a diverse group of personality and culture.

We do our best to provide a safe environment for youth to explore their faith through discussion, activities, games and camps.

We hope to walk them through their journey, not walk their journey for them.

We welcome any new members and their families.

Our leaders are WOF Trained, experienced and Health & Safety conscious

2019 Term 1 Dates

Term 1 Title Theme
17 FebNew Beginnings- Imagining The EndNew Beginnings
Everything has a start.
The Bible starts with the book of Genesis where God created the world.

To create it he visualised how he wanted it to look in the end.

He created man in his own image.
03 MarNot my fault!There are always two sides to a story and different perspectives to consider.

The Tale of Adam and Eve brings up the question of who was really at fault.

How easy is it to blame someone else without considering it from their perspective.
17 MarKnock you down, Get back up!Sometimes it’s difficult to get the balling rolling but once you do, it doesn’t guarantee your success.

Is it skill, talent or just plain luck that steers your ball down the lane of life?
31 MarA VisitorWe belong to a big wide church family.

It’s good to hear the untold stories of those who have journeyed farther than us.

For more information please contact Youth Leader: Jackie Cocker through email: jackiecocker96@gmail.com or the church office.

Easter Camp 2019

TUC Youth @ Easter Camp 2018

TUC youth have attended the Presbyterian Central Youth Easter Camp for a number of years. They have enjoyed engaging in worship, wide games, guest speakers, talent shows and electives with other youth groups.

It’s been an awesome opportunity for them to connect with other like minded young people on the same journey.

TUC have been supportive of our young people attending and welcoming to the stories they have to share when they return.

We welcome any who are interested to get in touch with our youth leaders. More information can be found using the button below.

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