Sermons and Prayers

Psalm 144 is a Passover psalm and no doubt that is why the lectionary uses it at Easter.

It celebrates the physical events from the Exodus out of Egypt and the desert wanderings in a poetic way – the Red Sea looked and … (read more…)

What river runs through your life?

Maybe you lived by it.  Maybe you holidayed beside it.

What did your river teach you?

(read more…)

You know the story of the Emperor’s new clothes.

The Emperor was a very vain man.  He loved fine clothes.  A parade was coming up on his Imperial calendar; it was time to get a new outfit.  So tailors were invited to come up … (read more…)

We have heard the story of Esther- the courageous wife and queen. We have heard the story of Ruth, the loyal and loving daughter in law. Today we come to the story of Mary, a woman who is famous for being a mother – the mother of Jesus.

Amid Catholic and orthodox circles Mary receives a lot more … (read more…)

A Prayer for the World ……by Ron Bichan

A photo in the news this week
of a small child being carried dead from the surf
has haunted the world –
a living reproach upon how some
conduct themselves towards others.
A prolonged cry for action
to deal with refugees has been sounded.
Something … (read more…)

It had been a bad day… a really bad day.  When Ella thought about it, it was hard to think of anything that had gone right.  She had woken up late, and by the time she got down to breakfast her little brother had eaten the last of the Coco Pops, and that had meant … (read more…)

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