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The Four Horseman – DVD 2006

This is a DVD of a discussion between 4 atheists – Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris.  The discussion is wide ranging, informative (whether agree or not) and measured.  This is not a rant against religions but reasonably measured arguments.  Their principal issue is that religion removes individual’s ability to think for themselves – the church or the leader tells what to believe and the members accept what is offered at face value.  This they suggest is very dangerous and can lead to extremes of thought and action by manipulative leaders.  Totalitarianism is innate in all religions!

They do acknowledge however that the church has and can be an instrument for good, there is a certain mystery to life, that faith has resulted in majestic cathedrals, religious art and music eg carols at Christmas – which they sing!

This makes challenging and stimulating viewing!  A little ‘academic’ but worth the effort to hear what atheists think.

Ian Harris