Ministers and Team

Tawa Union Church is blessed to have a caring and contributing team of ministers and administrators.

Rev Tania Shackleton


From South Africa, arrived in New Zealand in 2002.
A Methodist minister. I have a daughter, who works in Qatar.
I am passionate about Faith, Community, Social Justice and Cats, actually all of Creation. Life is an adventure which I approach with awe and wonder.

Rev Hiueni Nuku

Minister, Tongan Congregation

Hiueni Nuku is a self supporting Methodist minister who has oversight over our Tongan ministry. He is the manager of the Porirua Union Health Centre. Hiueni is Tongan born and has been resident in New Zealand since the 80s. He has a wife and four children. One of Hiueni’s talents is his ability to bridge Tongan and Kiwi culture. Another of his talents is that he plays a mean mouth organ.

Audrey Holyoake

Parish Administrator

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