TUC Youth Goals for 2020

We want our Youth to:     
Be open to new beginnings.
Be excited and eager for Youth
Experience the joys of consistent hospitality.
Feel they have a space here in TUC. 

Our Individual Goals are to:
-Be on time
-Be present.
-Stay true to the explored ideas, beliefs and messages.
-Leave the phone in the car.

For the First Term we will:
Empower our fellow hosts.
–        Be confident and united.
–        Be on time and consistent with media updates.
–        Be open to sharing and being vulnerable.
–        Be engaged.

By the Mid-year we will:
Not be victim to comparisons (the true thief of joy)
–        Embrace public speaking and accept independent nourishment.
–        Be clear/visible/transparent.
–        Be determined and decisive.
–        Continue to have the same energy from the start of year.

At the End of the year we will:
Be consistent.
–        Be grateful during reflection.
–        Be accepting of reflection and reality.
–        Be confident and satisfied with achievements.
–        Be spiritually eager for more. 

As Hosts we aim to:
-Be on time regardless of unreasonable excuses.
-Provide support despite distances.
-Always be prepared and ready to engage immediately.

During the First term we will:
  Provide an ear & voice in order to share understanding.
–        Appear at all meetings and contribute.
–        Be available and open with communication.
–        Equip our Hosts with tools and resources.
–        Put our words into action.

By the Mid-year we will:
–        Be dependable for support.
–        Able to carry our own weight.
–        Committed
–        Have a presence within the church.

At the End of the Year we will:
Be active in our participation and timely.
–        Have gained connections and genuine relationships.
–        Be confident in ourselves and as equals.