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11 July 2016: Lecture “Spiritual Defiance – Faith as a Resistance to Empire” by Robin Meyers available on the web led by Karen

This is one of a 3 part theme of Meyer’s which is also the theme of a book of the same name.  The 3 aspects are Resistance to Ego, to Orthodoxy, to Empire.

Jesus is Lord ie Caesar is not.  Jesus’ mission was to challenge the established ‘church’ and its acquiescence to Roman rule.  Meyer’s perspective is the US, where the church is not a thorn in the side of the government (which acts like an empire).  When Empires have a problem with some-body they react by getting rid of the ‘body’.  After Constantine in the 4th Century, Christianity became an empire. Conformity (apathy?) is the most dangerous attitude against Christianity.

There are many revealing and fresh thoughts and observations – ‘TV is the foot soldier of the Empire’; call conflict and armed intervention for what is is – War.  No Christians would serve in armies/fight until 4th century. The empire favours and supports the unelected power of corporations and financial institutions [hence one of the basis of Christian opposition to TPPA?] to the overall detriment of individuals.

Meyers portrays a church which has completely missed the essential message of Jesus – love your neighbour as yourself; also as expressed in the Golden Rule.  Christians need be be reactive by demonstrating ‘resistance’ to Empire and its tools of power.