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19 August 2013 A Look at the New Testament Through Contemporary Eyes an ebook by Jean Conley

This short booklet, summaries how the NT came into existence and how modern scholarship has dispelled some historical misconceptions eg the apostles didn’t write the gospels, they were not written by eye witnesses, the order as they appear in the NT is not the order in which they were written.  The emphasis says the author is to present the data – rather than the theology – and let the reader come to their own conclusions.

The 3 chapters are short and present material that will be of little surprise to those with previous exposure to ‘Liberal’ Christian thought.  Each chapter is followed by some study questions.

Our group thought the book to be a useful reference and especially of interest for people willing to consider the Bible (perhaps afresh) in the light of contemporary knowledge and not as the immutable “Word of God”.

The book is available for download from this page (see link bottom right).