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20 April 2015: TED Talks – lead by Karen

We watched 2 TED talks – ‘The Price of Shame’ by Monica Lewinsky and Matthieu Ricard discussing the arise of the anthropocene – the age of Humans and need for greater altruism

Lewinsky reflected on the 1998 revelation of her affair with the Bill Clinton and how she was the first ‘victim’ of vilification in and by the internet. How this was relentless and very overwhelming. There is no way to rebuff. The ocassional voice of empathy, compassion provided a much need relief and support; it was a huge comfort to know that some people were walking with her and not seeking to destroy.

Ricard observes that humans are now making huge impacts on the eco system that earth will not recover from quickly – if at all. The danage takes many forms. By carrying on as we are, we are showing a complete disregard for others and future generations. It boils down to altruism versus selfishness; more caring/consideration for others. Coopperation is much more creative. Mediation as a tool to train the brain to be more ultralistic. Cultures can change fast so to move fast to prevent ecological disaster he suggests: enhance cooperation, sustainable harmony, caring economics, local commitment – global responsibility, extend altruism to all 1.6 million sentient beings => Dare Altruism!!