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6/5/13 Why Weren’t We Told? Compiled and edited by Rex A. E. Hunt & John H. W. Smith: Being a ‘progressive’ Community in the Bible Belt by John Shuck & Not Forgetting the Children! A ‘progressive’ Christian Spiritual Curriculum by Deshna Ubeda

The Progressive community in the Bible Belt was very clear about where they stood without being exclusive.  While such statements will not satisfy everyone and some may disagree to such an extent that they leave, such statements do provide a sense of what that community stands for.  Trying to satisfy everyone can mean standing  for nothing.  Having clear objectives/mission and then executing accordingly provides focus and motivation.  Interestingly the largest church group is the Peacemaking Committee – ie addressing environmental, justice and peace issues – suggesting a group of highly motivated people trying to make a difference.  They challenged local strip mining, hold an Evolution Sunday/Weekend close to Darwin’s birthday, hold equinox and solstice celebrations, use drumming, dancing and blogging extensively with a un-apologetic viewpoint.  Two quotes of their situation ” Spiritual bullying is a reality wherever you go.” and “Being progressive … is about being human and being in community.”  Amen to that.

In the last few weeks, as we have delved further into this publication, it has proven to be a very interesting collection of short essays, sayings and thought pieces.  Some will make you laugh, some cry, some cause to muse over and most will cause you to pause and think.  It’s not a book one reads from cover to cover, but to dip into read a few, pause for reflection, consider application and move onto something else.  Highly recommended.