29 February 2016: Generous Hospitality Session 3: Welcoming the Stranger led by Adrienne

Offering hospitality to strangers is very hard – so we need role models and experience.  Mother Theresa and Brother Roger of Taize were mentioned.  We noted that Roger was killed by an outsider who had accepted hospitality with the Brothers.  We contrasted the story of the history of the persecution of Huguenots who still offered hospitality to Jews fleeing Nazi’s in occupied France with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Strangers can be intimidating. The ‘natural’ inclination is to be make negative assumptions about strangers – though it’s a matter of good practice to be a little cautious until two-way trust is achieved.  Need to be discerning.

Regarding being hospitable to strangers, we need to be careful about not only who to invite but also the environment where the hospitality will be offered.  A neutral venue is easier for all involved – so not in one’s home but a café, restaurant.  The WCC street parties are a good and neutral opportunity to engage in hospitality.


22 February 2016: Generous Hospitality Session 2: Gifts of Hospitality led by Linda

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A Prayer for the World

A Prayer for the World ……by Ron Bichan

A photo in the news this week
of a small child being carried dead from the surf
has haunted the world –
a living reproach upon how some
conduct themselves towards others.
A prolonged cry for action
to deal with refugees has been sounded.
Something has to be done,
by someone, somewhere.
Creator God, see our concern
and send forth your light
through lives such as ours.


People are gathering in other places
(from all over the place).
… driven by wars, by poverty,
by pollution of their space,
by fear of their neighbours,
by climate changing
where they have lived for ages passed.
Loving God, we cry out on their behalf,
send forth your light and your truth,
through lives such as ours.


People are searching for work, for a safe home,
for space free from violence for their loved ones,
for someone who will care in a careless world.
God of peace, let Jesus be found sowing his peace.
send forth your light and your truth
through lives such as ours.


In the faces of so many we see written
the dangers  they have passed through,
The privations they have experienced,
and the evil they have suffered.
God grant that somewhere on this earth
there may be new life for them.
Send forth your light and your truth
Through lives such as ours.


These faces may haunt us for a while,
But what next, O God?
Will our response condemn us also?
Will there be some who can open their lives
to the ones who stumble along life’s way?
God grant that there will be an inn
to shelter them,
A kindly heart to welcome them,
open hands to offer sustenance,
healing and mercy
from whatever wrong has been done.


Send forth your light and your truth,
Through lives such as ours.

                                                                       Ron Bichan


29 June 2015: Christian Life Questionnaire – led by Clare and John

Clare and John devised 10 informal questions on the impact our Christian commitment has had on our lives. This resulted in much personal sharing. A common theme that repeatedly emerged was that our lives have been considerably moulded by our Christian faith, such that it was hard to imagine what we would be like if we hadn’t walked life with this particular companion. This was a fun and reflective way to end a thought provoking term.