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15/4/13 The Living Wage

We attended a presentation and discussion on a regional launch of the Living Wage Campaign hosted by the Wellington Anglican diocese and Tawa Baptists in the Tawa College Hall.  The evening was introduced with a video about how individuals in the US had been assisted back into the workplace and the impact his had had on their lives.

Then there was then a presentation on how the Living Wage of $18.41 for Wellington and $23.11 in Auckland had been devised. The Living Wage assumes 1.5 fulltime employment for a family of 4.   33% of wage earners earn less than the Living Wage.  This compares with the minimum wage of $13.75 (and from 1 May a youth rate of 80% of that ie $11.00).  Attendees were encouraged to ask retailers if they were prepared to pay, or move towards, the Living Wage and give our support or otherwise to those businesses.