Sermons and Prayers

“You see, it’s a liturgical world out there, and we’re all wired up as liturgical creatures who run on repetition and habit. And when you think about it, how could there be anything new if there was nothing old, or anything spontaneous if there was nothing planned?” …

Readings: Psalm 146 and Mark 12:38-44

With a close read, we notice how these beloved Biblical figures were failed by systems that should have sustained them. But for those who are failed by humans, God …

Psalm 144 is a Passover psalm and no doubt that is why the lectionary uses it at Easter.

It celebrates the physical events from the Exodus out of Egypt and the desert wanderings in a poetic way – the Red Sea looked and …

What river runs through your life?

Maybe you lived by it.  Maybe you holidayed beside it.

What did your river teach you?

(read more…) “What river runs through your life?”

You know the story of the Emperor’s new clothes.

The Emperor was a very vain man.  He loved fine clothes.  A parade was coming up on his Imperial calendar; it was time to get a new outfit.  So tailors were invited to come up …

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